Priceless Realty Home Marketing System

1) Dynamic Marketing

When you receive your complimentary marketing presentation from Priceless Realty Realtor, it will be customized for your particular home. Wait until you see all we'll do to attract buyers to your home. Our trusted name and well-known reflective signs are just the beginning. We'll also reach out through advertising, direct mail and neighborhood calling, not to mention our unique use of the Internet described below.

2) Online Strategy

When you list with us, we make certain that the right buyers can readily find your listing on the Internet, where 90% of all buyers are searching. Our unique "Hot New Properties" web page attracts buyers from all over looking for that unique deal that no one else has. This unique page brings great visibility to your property but also allows buyers to quickly view your property, with pictures, before it hits the market. Our agents respond quickly to online property requests and will supply any interested buyer with more details and quickly set up an appointment to show your home. Our online search program will also automatically notify every buyer whose search criteria match your home. We'll even give your home additional exposure on other leading sites, including**, yahoo real estate,, and

3) Strategic Pricing

Since Priceless Realty works with both sellers and buyers we have a unique insight to available properties pricing, buyer trends and market trends allowing us to forecast what prices will do and price your property correctly. Our process of valuing properties makes sure you'll get true market value with for your property.

4) Open House Program

Priceless Realty encourages our agents and sellers to do open houses in areas where this will attract more buyers and showings. Visibility is a key factor in selling your property so we make sure everyone is aware of the property for open houses from attracting attention beforehand to providing more assistance to everyone who attends to following up with all interested prospects directly afterward.

5) Teamwork

Priceless Realty does not work like the typical Real Estate office where every agent is on their own with little guidance or assistance. Priceless Agents work as one experienced team by coaching each other, group marketing, creative idea sessions and market discussions. All offices have an onsite broker who is available to every agent and client at any time for general questions, legal questions and to help with negotiations. Our teamwork includes relationships outside our offices with industry leaders like mortgage and insurance to make sure you are represented across all fields of real estate.

6) Neighborhood Specialists

Priceless Realty Agents are the best and most thoroughly trained in the industry. They will use their thorough knowledge of your neighborhood to bring your home to the attention of the people most likely to buy your home.

Why not have all your questions answered by a Priceless Realty Agent who specializes in your local area? Contact us now so that we can help assist you in selling your home. There is no cost and your contact information is always kept confidential.

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